Week Two: Paintings and Poetry No.2: On Seeing Jeune femme en tenue de soiree assise pres dun bonquet dhortensias

Source: A Painting A Day, Facebook Group

Source: A Painting A Day, Facebook Group

Jeune femme en tenue de soiree assise pres dun bouquet dhortensias (-1896)
By : Jules Louis Machard (1839-1900)
Oil On Canvas, 127.6 x 93.3 cm

Flowers upon flowers upon flowers!
Lady, dress and flowers
The chair arm for elbow and shoulder
Framed by flowers decked
The lilac hue cadences her brow
There is a softness in her strength
One handglove off, the other on.

© Zubyre Parvez 2016 All Rights Reserved

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The EaghamsWRITER BIO: Zubyre Parvez (BA hons) studied English Literature at Hertfordshire University. He writes song lyrics, poetry, short stories, reviews, and articles for The Taoist Crucible.  His poetry won runners up in a competition judged by Simon Armitage and Margaret Atwood. His poetry has been published in Kobita. His articles have appeared in The Epoch Times as a journalist for the newspaper. He has worked for New Tang Dynasty Television as a journalist. You can catch up with his tweets @TheEaghams

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BIO:The Eaghams aka Zubyre Parvez is an Indie singer songwriter from London. His song The Roots was played on BBC 1Xtra by DJ Excalibuh. He has collaborated such as Mr Hectic, ath Jason Air formerly of Island records. He has played at The Garage, and various open mics.


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