Intro to Up and Coming Ebook: Paintings and Poetry

I have been working on a draft introduction to the collection of the up and coming ebook entitled Paintings and Poetry by Zubyre Parvez.

Thank you for purchasing Paintings and Poetry. This project came out of an afternoon trip to the National Gallery in London. Paintings are poetry, and poetry is painting. Therefore, in comprehending the paintings, I have shared with the audience what I see in them through poetry. Many poets have been inspired by classical paintings, notably the great modern poet Derek Walcott in current times. I hope my Paintings and Poetry series can enrich, inform, entertain and inspire you to explore further the wonderful realm of Renaissance art. I have added commentary to the extensive range of paintings, to express more directly my insights into the paintings and their meanings.

This guide is meant to provide an intuitive and personal comprehension of the paintings, conveniently and concisely. This guide does not emphasise over-reliance on imitative knowledge of the paintings in the form of factual and historical contexts and anecdotes about the paintings and the artists, at the expense of real engagement with the artistic works.

There have been other people in the field of the fine arts who can provide useful insights into Renaissance paintings and other periods of art that I can recommend including The Story of Art by EM Gombrich. I provide gallery addresses that house these precious paintings at the end of the book.

Zubyre Parvez, 2017.